Heart of palm Spaghetti Recipe

Heart of palm Spaghetti Recipe

Looking for healthier alternatives to pasta? In this recipe you will find an option of palm heart spaghetti that is delicious and, for sure, will surprise everyone with its flavor and authenticity.

In just 4 very easy steps you will have a wonderful lunch or dinner, fitness and ready in less than 15 minutes. It's a good version of instant noodles. The ingredients that accompany this heart-of-palm spaghetti recipe are to taste, however we suggest a very simple, tasty and diet-friendly vegetarian suggestion. Keep reading TudoReceitas and don't forget to try it!

Ingredients for making pupunha palm heart spaghetti:

 350 grams of fresh peach palm

 15 cherry tomatoes

 3 teaspoons of olive oil

 3 teaspoons of almonds

 2 teaspoons of walnuts

 1 small onion

 1 clove of garlic



 Black pepper

How to make peach palm Spaghetti:

To learn how to make peach palm spaghetti, start by cutting the heart of palm into strips. Then cook the hearts of palm in a pan with salted water for about 30 seconds. Drain and set aside.

Tip: Today you can find on the market several options for hearts of palm already cut finely, which speeds up the preparation of this low carb spaghetti recipe.

Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes and basil. Then, chop the onion and garlic well.

In a skillet add the oil, onion and garlic and cook for about 10 minutes. Then add the palm heart noodles, tomato, basil, salt and black pepper to taste.

Choose a dish of your choice, add the walnuts and almonds on top. Ready! Easy, right?

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Tip: In addition to being a super authentic dish, it is a healthy and delicious option. Tell the TudoReceitas team what you think and add photos of the result. Until later!

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